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2018/19 Events

The Great Tarmac Rally

September 22 & 23, 2018

Lakes Entrance

October 13 & 14, 2018


Snowy River Sprint

Based in the water-front town of Lakes Entrance, the Snowy River Sprint boasts over 300Km of closed road driving enjoyment. Minimal transport between stages ensures a full days driving and delivers great value for money. The event functions at The Central Hotel in town are always popular with officials and crews.

Want to be able to drive the "Reefton Spur" at speed? This event is for you! Whilst the road might be known for its alpine forest and scenery, you'll probably be too busy to catch more than a glimpse as you legally enjoy the full road. The final round of the 2018 series and sure to not disappoint.

Mt Baw Baw Sprint

Lake Mountain Sprint

Febraury 23 & 24, 2018

Mt Baw Baw

March 23 & 24, 2018


No longer a humble hill climb, this event has grown into a fantastic multi-stage event challenging crews as they travel both up and down the mountain and surrounds. Only 90 minutes from Melbourne and a range of accommodation options on the mountain makes this event a popular choice.

With spirited driving from Marysville to the summit of Lake Mountain and to Cumberland Junction, Lake Mountain Sprint opens the 2018 series in spectacular style. 2hrs drive from Melbourne, Marysville is a welcoming country town that all crews enjoy visiting.


About the ATRC Tour

The AASA ATRC Tour events are tailor made for car enthusiasts who love driving fast on open, twisty and challenging mountain roads. Whether your car is a classic old-timer, a modern, technologically advanced supercar, or something in between, if it's in good condition and capable of a fast fang (or at least a "spirited" drive), then you are very welcome.

Tour entries are split up into Novice/Cruise, Intermediate and Advanced, and each group has their own specialist high performance driving instructor and tour leader. Stephen Whyte from WD Motorsports is the event coordinator and is joined by experienced rally crews and driver trainers.


If you're new to the world of high speed, closed road driving, they will help guide you through various aspects including suspension, tyre and handling setups, braking, cornering, forward vision and vehicle knowledge. Even if you're an old hand, there's always something new to learn, or maybe you just want to practice your high speed driving skills and have a ball in the meantime.

For those who haven't done a touring event before, it's all on closed roads and is fully legal, sanctioned by police, local councils and other authorities. RaceSolutions and the very capable Martin Doxey provide experienced and highly efficient rescue & recovery crews and the whole thing is run very professionally. All cars are tracked by GPS using Rallysafe units (provided free of charge) and all will be provided with radios to communicate with each other.

So if you want a good, legal, fast, safe and fun drive on closed roads with great people who don't stop smiling the whole weekend, please think about joining in.


Tour Requirements.

  • All drivers must hold a current Civil Licence;

  • Cars are to be road registered with have good tyres and brakes, and are given a safety check prior to participation;

  • Each car can have a maximum of two (2) occupants;

  • Seatbelts must be worn by occupants;

  • Helmets must be worn;

  • Both the driver and passenger are to hold AASA Licences Club Racing Licences (;

  • Maximum speed not to exceed 130km/h on any stage of the event;

  • Clothing should be neck to wrist to angle with leather shoes.

The organisers also recommend that Tour vehicles carry an approved First Aid Kit and 1kg fire extinguisher although it's not compulsory.

Friday afternoon is the usual arrival time and documentation, car safety checks, fitment of Rallysafe units, issuing of walkie-talkies, driver briefings, etc. all take place. The driving and real fun starts on Saturday morning.

Please note there are often no petrol stations close by (especially at Mt Baw Baw and Snowy River) so when you do your entry, it's a good idea to order fuel as well. Information on fuel bookings will be sent to you in your entry confirmation email.


What's Included in the Entry.

Apart from the obvious 300-odd kilometres of high speed driving on fantastic roads and the great company and camaraderie amongst the tourers, also included are ATRC vehicle numbers & decals, 1 Ticket for the Drivers to the AASA Official Australian Tarmac Rally Championship Dinner on the Saturday night of each Round (an extra one can be paid for if you have a passenger), GPS tracking using Rallysafe units, radios to communicate with each other, all the help and tuition you want from experienced trainers, full first aid and medical support, and efficient safety crews.



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